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Chin and Jawline Contouring 

Chin and jawline augmentation involves placing dermal filler in specific areas along the chin/ jawline to improve the proportion and harmony to the face. Optimizing the chin and jawline with a dermal filler treatment creates definition and symmetry in the lower third of the face and can elongate the face, giving it a slimmer more feminine shape. Unlike a surgical procedure this treatment involves minimal downtime with bruising and swelling lasting a few days.

Typical areas of concern that Chin Fillers can address:


  • Lengthens and adds to a flat chin to create a slimmer and sleeker looking face

  • Adding protrusion and balancing a receded or weak/small chin

  • Treating and disguising jowls either side of the  chin

Typical areas of concern that Jawline Fillers can address:


  • Sharpening and defining the jawline and mandibular angles

  • Creating a jawline in those with underformed jawline

  • Treating a sagging jawline that merges with the neck

  • Creating a more masculine jawline (males only)

  • Giving the illusion of a slimmer looking neck. 

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