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Tear Trough Filler Treatment 

This procedure involves injecting a low density dermal filler into the area under the eye known as the tear trough, often also described as the under eye bags, or sunken area under the eyes. This area with the natural ageing process has orbital fat pad thinning and loss of surrounding bone structure causing the appearance of the hollowed appearance under the eyes. Filling the Sub-orbicularis occuli orbital fat pad (SOOF) with dermal filler leads to immediate results with rejuvenated, fresh looking eyes and facial appearance.

Results last for 1-2 years following this procedure. The procedure itself takes 20-30mins to perform. With local anaesthetic cream applied to the under eyes prior to treatment. It is very minimally painful as the approach is very minimally invasive.

At Refresh London Medical Aesthetics we avoid the use of needles and instead use the latest microcannula techniques for tear trough filler to minimise the risks of vessel damage around the eye (aka bruising).  The micro cannula is a blunt tipped instrument meaning it is not sharp and hence not as painful, it glides through the tissue layers of the skin to avoid puncturing any vessels in the area. This treatment although it sounds very invasive and 'scary' to most of our clients is extremely safe and out clients report experiencing the least discomfort whilst having this treatment in comparison to other dermal filler treatments. 

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