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Lip Filler Treatments

Lip enhancement/ augmentation often referred to as "Lip Fillers" is the commonest non-surgical treatment performed in the UK. We spend a lot of the day talking, chewing and making facial expressions and which with time and the natural aging results in the loss of volume in the lip area. 

Lip fillers are made up of low to medium density dermal fillers. Hyaluronic Acid Dermal fillers are a soft injectable gel made up of stabilised, non-animal Hyaluronic Acid. The gel works well within the tissue as it resembles the Hyaluronic Acid naturally occurring within the skin. As we age our natural Hyaluronic Acid diminishes contributing to facial volume loss. Lip fillers allow us to to add volume, define shape and enhance beauty.

The procedure of lip enhancement is just as much artistry as it is science as the skill of the injector leads to the end result. At Refresh London we pride our skills and expertise in Lip fillers. This is our most booked treatment and we have perform 1000's of lip transformations a year. Most importantly we tailor the lip enhancement results to the clients wishes, to what will suit them best and to their natural lip shape to ensure the most aesthetically pleasing results. We understand that for some people a "natural but defined" pair of lips is pleasing while for others, fuller "heart shaped" lips are desirable. Prior to treatment you will have a full consultation, discussing your your expectations and desired outcome, ensuring you leave our clinic with your ideal lips. 

Typical areas of concern the Lip Fillers can address:

  • Enhances lip definition and shape

  • Creates a more defined smile with proportioned lips

  • Give the client a more youthful, rejuvenated appearance

  • Create upturned corners of lips

  • Add projection and symmetry to asymmetrical lips

  • Add extra volume and definition in the lip area

  • Enhance the natural shape and plumpness

  • Reduce smoker’s lines & wrinkles around the mouth

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