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Russian Lip Filler

What is Russian Lip Filler? The technique involves injecting tiny linear threads of dermal filler into the lip. The filler is injected vertically into multiple tiny injection points and dragged upward from the base to the top of the lip, rather than horizontally with traditional lip filler. This technique tends to lift the lip rather than add volume, giving a flatter appearance from the side. This shape gives a “Russian doll” aesthetic. What’s the Difference Between Russian and Natural Lips? The classic lip creates a heart shaped lip, lips maintain a nice and full shape centrally. From the side lips look juicy and hydrated. The key difference with the Russian lip technique uk is that it keeps the lips flatter from the side. Unlike traditional lip filler, an injector employing the Russian Lip technique injects the product working from the inside out, rather than starting from the lip border and working inward. Russian lips may also require slightly more filler than other methods to achieve the desired effect. The below images demonstrate the classic lip filler technique. Russian lips vs normal filler – What is the difference? The main difference between classic lip fillers and Russian lip fillers is that the Russian lips emphasis the upper lip. Also, this beautiful lips enhance the cupid’s bow eminence, that preminence that can be really attractive. Compared to normal or classic lip filler, in the Russian lip filler technique (or trom the inside out technique) the injection of the product is made vertically. The injector starts at the base of the lip and then the filler is injected toward the border.

Does Russian lip filler migrate? Many women ask if there is something like lip filler migration and we have to say that this side effect is very rare. Of course, you can avoid russian lip filler migrate by choosing one of our extremely qualified doctors at Medical Cosmetics. If fillers are not performed by experienced and qualified doctors, then you can face filler migration, although this is really out of the ordinary. Exactly how much filler should be injected for Russian Lips? It seems that the amount of the fillers should be between 0.5 m and 1 ml. Will Russian Lips leave me with 'fake' unnatural looking lips? This is a complete myth. The Russian method when performed correctly is quite natural and even works well to lift older and naturally thinner lips. As you can see in our bellow before and after's the results of our Russian Lip filler are both natural and subtle regardless of our clients age.

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